(Fall of 2003)

On a Thursday in November of 2003 Alex and Tom flew out to Philadelphia to visit Kathy, who was 2 weeks into a 3 week training session (she was a trainer this time around) at corporate GSK in downtown Philadelphia. Friday Alex and Tom toured Ivy League school U of Penn. They also went shopping. Alex was able to pick up a new pair of Iverson bball shoes on the shoe's first day of their release. SWEET!! On Saturday Kathy, Alex and Tom jumped on a train and took the 2 hour ride from Central City Philadelphia to Penn Station in downtown New York City. Sunday it was back to the Philly airport, the off to Kazoo for Alex and Tom. Anyway here are some pictures from out trip to the BIG APPLE.

A short walk through downtown Philly to the Central City train station, then off for our 2 hour ride to New York. Next time we need to leave before noon.

We reached Penn Station, which is below Madison Square Garden, around 3 PM. then headed towards the Empire State Building.

Tom, Alex, and Kathy made it to the top of the Empire State Building just in time to watch the sun set. The line to get to the observation deck was 2 hours long. Dang, but the view was AMAZING!!

We then hit the streets of New York City on a Saturday night. We walked through Macys then headed north to Times Square.

Pictures don't do Times Square justice. It truly is the center of the Universe.

We reached the Garden around 8 PM and were back in Philly having dinner by 11 PM. What a great day, train ride and all!

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