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If anyone has an interest in taking over this web site in the fall I would be happy to burn the entire site to a disk and turn it over to you. Just email me. Thanks.

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  • Hey P-town. It has been a fun 16 years being a part of this amazing community but I am moving in the fall so the next 2 months will be my last time taking pictures and loading them to this web site. Thanks for all the memories and fun! Proud to be a Panther! All the best, Tom Wolf

Alumni Spotlight 2013

on Goshen College basketball star Liz Tecca!!

Alumni Spotlight 2012

on Grand Valley State track star Jeff Nordquist!!

Alumni Spotlight 2011

on Carnegie Mellon soccer and track star Leila Bouabdellaoui!!

Alumni Spotlight 2010

on Davenport basketball star Jeannie Closson!!

Alumni Spotlight 2009

on Wooster basketball and powerlifting star!!


Well, plain and simple, I love P-town. I was an army brat who moved 18 times before my 18th birthday. I did spend 4 years of my middle and high school life in Portage and even managed to land a picture (basketball) on Portage Central's hall of fame, but in truth I had never lived anywhere long enough to really have it feel like "home" until Kathy, Alex, Lauren, and I moved to Parchment in 1997. At the time Lauren was a 10th grader, Alex was a 5th grader, Kathy was teaching, and Kathy and I both were coaching the freshman girls basketball team. The community just took us under their wing and in appreciation I've put these pages together in the hopes that I'm giving a little something back to the community that I like to call "home".

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"My first season as a head coach was 1990: My 8th grade team went 9-3 and won the league championship beating K.C. in finals!!"

NOTE: I try very hard to make sure that all the pictures that appear on this web site are positive in nature. The goal of this web site is to portray the Parchment community in a positive light. That said, if you do not want to appear on this web site for "any" reason just say the word and I will happily and quickly remove any pictures of you that have been placed on this web site. In other words, I don't want anyone on this web site who doesn't want to be on this web site.

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