is an AIS/OIT tradition
since 1991

What is the FOAMY? The FOAMY is an award steeped in tradition (or is that stepped). It is presented to the WMU employee who scores the most points picking games for the men's NCAA Basketball Tournament (March Madness). As you can see by the picture above it is, well, beyond description (kinda).

Cost? None. Hey, it for the love of the game. Pride. Bragging rights.

Who can participate? It started in "Applications" which is why it says Applications on the FOAMY; however, pretty much anyone who wants to can participate as long as they are a WMU employee and have some kind of tie to AIS.

Starting in 2005 the FOAMY began using the Yahoo! Sports application called Tournament Pickem (

2017 Champion Thomas Marquardt



* - After regulation was tied with Craig Boucher. Won championship by picking closer to the total points scored in the finals game.

2016 Champion Tom Wolf


2015 Champion Joseph Hulsebus


2014 Champion AL Poole


FINAL Standings for the 2013 FOAMY

FINAL Standings for the 2012 FOAMY

2011 Foamy champion is crowned!!

FINAL Standings for the 2011 FOAMY

FINAL Standings for the 2010 FOAMY

Tim LaLonde joins the ranks of "repeat winners"!!

FINAL Standings for the 2009 FOAMY

  1. not a clue (North Carolina) 116
  2. TheresNoNeed2Fear 106
  3. Maddog 104
  4. Beilein's Brawlers 101
  5. The Pink Leotards 98
  6. AlsHiemers 98
  7. Flyin' Blind 98
  8. Bronco_Bullies 90
  9. Forty+ Hooper 90
  10. Gimme' Da Foamy! 85
  11. P-Town Pride 76

In 2008 newly elected hall of famer Dick Vitale presented the FOAMY to champion Tom Wolf

FINAL Standings for the 2008 FOAMY

  1. One and Seventeen (Kansas) 126
  2. Forty-plus Hooper (Kansas) 115
  3. Dr K's Picks (Memphis) 90
  4. MadDog (North Carolina) 89
  5. Mr. X (North Carolina) 84
  6. Going For A Perfect 2 For (Kansas) 83
  7. PuffNfluff (Memphis) 77
  8. Flagrant Foulers (North Carolina) 76
  9. Beilein's Bums (Duke) 76
  10. Hilltoppers Rule (North Carolina) 75
  11. Bronco Bullies (North Carolina) 72
  12. FoamyOwner (North Carolina) 70
  13. Crash Test Dummies (UCLA) 54

FOAMY 2008 Champion Tom Wolf

Two time champion Joe Hulsebus

FINAL Standings for the 2007 FOAMY

2007 Champion Al Poole

FINAL Standings for the 2006 FOAMY

Tim LaLonde wearing his lucky FOAMY shirt!!

FINAL Standings for 2005 FOAMY

FINAL Standings for 2004 FOAMY

2003 Champion Toby Boyle

FINAL Standings for 2003 FOAMY

The Widowmakers featuring Denny "D-train" Boyle, Matt "Tomahawk" Tomczak, "Jumpin" Joe Hulsebus, and Tom "Microwave" Wolf stepped onto the asphalt jungle of downtown Kalamazoo in the summer of 1992 to participate in the Gus Macker 3-0n-3 Basketball tournament. The Widowmakers had every expectation of taking home the Toilet Bowl gold. Instead they surprised even themselves in route to becoming the official 3-on-3 basketball team of the annual WMU OIT/AIS FOAMY Tournament. As luck would have it on Saturday of the tournament the Widowmakers drew the eventual finalist UPS Netbusters in the first round, dropping a heartbreaking 16-20 decision. After such a disappointing loss most teams would have folded tent and gone home, but not the Widowmakers. Later that evening the Widowmakers fought off a tough Wet N Wild squad winning the game 10-8 but losing the right to compete for the ever popular Toilet Bowl trophy. Sunday morning saw the Widowmakers drop Lapeer Old and Slow from the tournament by another 10-8 score. What many called the game of the tournament came at 1 PM that Sunday when the Widowmakers won an overtime thriller against Can't Foul Out when sharp shooting "Microwave" banked in a game winning sudden death 2 pointer. With the sun beating down on them and not much left in the tank the Widowmakers had the unenviable task of again squaring off against their first round opponent, the UPS Netbusters. As expected the Widowmakers dropped a tough 10-5 decision to the foul prone and steroid inspired UPS squad. Final tally on the day for the Widowmakers was 3 victories against 2 defeats and a solid 5th place finish out of 16 squads participating in the 2 day basketball lovefest. So maybe this wasn't a rags to riches story along the lines of "Hoosiers", but it was an inspirational, hard fought, guts and glory, sweat and tears tale of 4 men doing something more with their lives than helping other guys redesign their Malibu Beach homes, and that's about all I have to say about that.

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ON A REFLECTIVE NOTE: The above picture is dedicated to the short and sad life of Sucharitha Suresh. Her many friends at Western Michigan University miss her and think about her often. Suja, we only knew you for a short time but in that time you left your mark on all of us with your smiles, your hard work, and your enthusiasm for life. It was a sad day when you left WMU and an even sadder day when you passed into the next phase of your samsara journey. All your WMU friends are sorry that you weren't able to find more good karma living in Portage, Michigan. Hopefully you are in a better place now although I'm sure your sons miss you dearly. Peace be with you!